Question: What do you write code for have you ever done code for a game and do you understand code because i find it confusing.@andy

  1. Hey there – fab question scarlett! I write code for all sorts of things! These days I write stuff for training and simulation machines, like the aircraft simulator that is on my profile page lower down where the photos are:


    Some stuff were very important, there was a testing suite for mission-critical software, i.e. making sure that vital software is behaving and running correctly, that wasn’t “exciting” software engineering, but it was a kind of engineering that I had to really, really, focus on to make sure that I don’t introduce any mistakes, i.e. passing something when it is supposed to fail 🙂 I remember feeling shattered at the end of each day for that job!

    My current job is the best so far; loads of visual things, making sure that things look and feel as realistic as possible – that’s far more rewarding!

    I’ve done quite a few simple games, nothing big like those you see in the shops (yet). In the old days just one person can create a good game on his/her own. But for someone to do the same nowadays would be nearly impossible; big teams are needed – coders, designers, graphics, 3D modelling, storytellers, testers, et cetera!

    I understand code very well (but I can’t understand some other people’s code if they’re written in a lazy way, or they don’t bother with adding comments, then often it is very hard to understand what their code is supposed to be doing 🙂 ) – I think an excellent language to start coding with is Python. Go to and look for “Getting Started”, in no time you’ll be ‘talking’ code with your own computer and make it obey you and do stuff 🙂