• Question: In the first lecture on 2014 Christmas Lectures, why when the coding was happening, the middle balloon did not explode! Why?

    Asked by jc18 to Kate, Joe, Danielle on 13 Jan 2015. This question was also asked by 13glewis.
    • Photo: Joe Myerscough

      Joe Myerscough answered on 13 Jan 2015:

      This was a great example of the most common problem in an electrical system… it wasn’t plugged in properly!

      Fran’s code was flawless (as you would expect) and it all worked fine in the dress rehearsal. Sadly though, in the rush to get all the balloons onto the stage quickly, the cable leading to one of the balloons wasn’t properly connected to the rest of the circuitry. So when the signal was sent, nothing happened!

      The joys of live television eh.